Nigeria's 1st internationally recorgnized

bitcoin mining farm!

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Btc Mining

Hi, I'm Siyanbola Yassar,
the founder and CEO of Trojan Mining Farm.
A company that's dedicated to mining bitcoin in Nigeria.

I'm a self-taught tech enthusiast who specializes in system automations,
mechatronics, mechanical & electronic hardware designs.. Read More

Partnership & Meetups:

Vision Statement:

  1. Trojan mining's plan is to become the leading bitcoin mining farm in Nigeria!
  2. Our formula is tied around setting up a mini-hydro plant in 5years time or less.
  3. This will make our farm carbon neutral free & zero dependent on the country's power grid.
  4. We'll provide anyone with information or guidelines on setting up a successful mining farm.
  5. We're also open to crypto enthusiasts, investors, and partnerships too.
  6. It's not going to be easy, but we are taking baby steps.